Official [Guide] Getting started.


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Aug 3, 2019
This thread is here to help new players get into the server.

This thread is just a general overview of helpful commands and tips.

First thing I want to mention is the kit claim.
This kit gives you a claim wand, that you can use to claim land.
You collect this kit by typing "/kit claim" in the chat remember that this kit has a 1 hour cooldown, so don't throw away the wand.
You can only claim a certain amount of land. You can see how much claim land you have on the Sidebar or scoreboard. It's under My Land it tells you how many claim blocks you have.

There are many kits on the server that you unlock as you play more, the very first kit is kit starter.
You claim this kit by typing "/kit starter" in the chat. You can also preview all the kits available to you by typing "/kits"

On the ímage above you can see a list of all the available kits. New ones might be added in the future.

There are a lot of ways to buy and sell stuff on the server. The simplest is the normal shop you access this shop by typing the command "/shop" in the chat and then clicking the painting.

From there items are categorised into the following categories: Natural Blocks, Building Blocks, Decoration Blocks, Redstone Shop, Food Shop, Farming, MISC, Donor Shop and OP Shop.
The OP Shop is only accesable for players that have the Trusted rank and above(I will explain ranks later in the thread.).

In the "/shop" menu you can go to the auction house, by clicking the nametag.

You can also open the auction house by typing "/ah" in the chat.
The auction house is a place for players to sell their items and other players to buy.

In the auction house there is a toolbar at the bottom:

By clicking the Eye of Ender you can see what items that you are currently selling.

By clicking the Nametag you can see the items you sold that have expired or you have cancelled.
You can also open this menu by typing "/ah expired" in the chat.
You can either collect your items from the menu or type out the command "/ah collect" in the chat.

By clicking the Painting you can choose a certain category of items.

By clicking the Paper you can swap between pages.

By clicking the Sunflower you can refresh the auction page.

By clicking the Slimeball you swap to bidding mode where you can see items that are up for bidding.
These items have a starting price and then people can bid on the items. The highest bidder wins the item
When you click an item in the bidding section a menu opens where you can decide the price you wanna bid.

You can see the current price and your bid price by hovering your cursor over the grey glass.
You bid by clicking the blue glass in the bottom. The green and red glass is for changing the price.

To sell something on the auction house you hold the item you wanna sell and type the following command in chat "/ah sell price amount " the price is self explanatory
The amount is the amount of items that you want to sell.
How to put up an item for bidding:
To put an item up for people to bid on is simple you just type out the following command in the chat whilst holding the item you want to put up for bidding "/ah bid price amount" The price in this command is what you want the starting price to be, and the amount is again how many of the item that you want to sell.

Ranks and Levels

There are both ranks and levels.
The level is displayed before your name and prefix.
Your current rank is displayed before your name as a prefix.
There are both donor ranks and non payed ranks.
You can type "/rankup" in the chat to see the requirements and perks of each rank.
The same for level if you just type "/level" in the chat.

Voting and Crates:
There is voting, if you wanna help the server and get some sweet rewards in the process you can vote on the server.
You can find the voting links here: or by typing "/vote" in the chat.
By voting you optain a Vote Crate Key that you can use at the Vote Crate.
You can get to the crate area by typing "/warp crates" there are multiple crates. You can buy crate keys for the Classic, Rare and Ultimate crate in the OP Shop.

Warps and Player Warps:
There are both server warps and warps made by the community.
You can access the server warps by typing "/warps" in the chat.
You can access the player warps by typing "/pwarp" in the chat.

I hope this helped you to get started. If you have any questions we're a really active community, and you can join the discord and ask there or comment in this thread.
If there is anything you guys think should be added to this list of tips, you comment them under this thread, and I will properbly add them.