Announcement Plans for 1.16 | Looking Ahead

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Hey folks,:cool:

Hope everyone's keeping well. (y)Just wanted to release a little preview of what everyone can expect for the long anticipated 1.16 Server Update. I can't confirm when this will release, just as soon as the plugins and updates are available for the server!

Fully Reset Worlds (including Nether and End)

We're planning a full world reset for the Nether update. That means a completely new fresh map to explore and all the features that come with a world running on 1.16. This obviously will include the Nether and End that will both experience resets. The Nether is perhaps the most exciting as all the changes expected from the 1.16 update will be brought over to the Server.

Fully Reset Economy

Along with the world Reset the Economy will be fully reset as well. Everyone's balance will be reset back to zero.

Overhauled Land Claim System and Clans System in Favour of Towny

We are currently working hard on developing a completely new fresh land claim system. Towny has been suggested and voted on by players and will form the basis for the new land claim system. Players can create their own town or join their friends. We're hoping this will be a new fun replacement for the rarely used clans system and will encourage players to play together, build together and hopefully improve the cooperative elements of the Server

Jobs Feature to be Added

This feature has also been suggested and highly requested by players. Development is ongoing for this as well. We hope this will give players more stuff to do when they are online. By completing daily and weekly tasks they will be able to earn cool rewards such as crate keys, ingame cash and much more!

New Higher Levels added to /Level

Currently Levelling only goes as far as 10. We aim to add more levels, enhance the current prize system with more enticing prizes and add some more, harder to complete requirements to keep levelling balanced and reasonably difficult...

Announcement Updated Discord | Patch Notes

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Hey Guys,:cool:

Hope you're all keeping well. Just a few notes from me today relating to some changes that have been made to the Server and The Discord recently as well as our plans for the future. Most of this information is also over on the Discord in the #announcements channel. Also I'd like to remind anyone who hasn't already to create a forums account and start contributing to the conversation! Some ranking up will soon require a forums account so I want you guys to be ready to contribute! All that said lets get onto the patch notes.

  • Fixed issue with PlayerWarps, now functioning as before. Type "/pwarp" to Acccess the Player Warps menu.
  • Readded LeaderBoards back to the Server. Access with "/leaderboards". As they were causing lag before they've now been adjusted to update once every hour.
  • Switching back to Top Monthly Voter System. First Prizes will be awarded at the end of May! Make sure to keep voting for the server. Even if you're not interested in the prizes it really helps to grow the server playerbase. :) Prizes are as Follows:
    • First Place: $20 Store Coupon
    • Second Place: $10 Store Coupon
    • Third Place: $5 Store Coupon
  • Check who the top monthly voters are currently with "/topvoters". To vote for the server use the links at this page: https://gbcraft.pw/index.php?threads/voting-links.2/
  • Added an INGAME Chat channel to Discord. Ingame server chat will now show up in this channel along with achievements, and other info such as when players join/leave the server. People on Discord can chat in this channel and their messages will appear in Server Chat as well so its two way communication. This means people away from their computers can keep an eye on server chat with their Phone/Tablet. Check it out over on the Discord....

Announcement Spring Update | 1.15.2 | We're Back Online!

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Hi Guys,

The Server is back up and running again after our period of downtime, fully updated to Minecraft Version 1.15.2. Please note you can now only connect when you're running the latest client. Yesterday I officially announced it on the Discord but I am also going to post the full Changelog here so people know whats new and also what still has to be fixed:). So without further ado, here's the changelog!

  • We are now running paper(spigot) this is a fork of Minecraft that has superior performance which means little to no lag and no more crashes (hopefully ). This represents a huge change for the server and I think you guys are gonna see serious performance improvements
  • Now Running 1.15.2!
  • Reset Nether and The End so the dragon is waiting to be slayed!
  • Some changes to donor perks including a number of new pets (due to the new mobs from updates 1.14 and 1.15)
  • Various plugin tweaks and changes.
  • Overhauled Leaderboards system

Now lets discuss what 1.15 has broken and what I'm still working on:

  • Spawners currently do not drop with Silk Touch (working on a fix for this).
  • Spleef is temporarily broken.
  • Donor Disguises currently don't work (I'm gonna be fixing this and adding various new disguises for our donors as well!).
  • The plugin that allowed u to show the item you were holding in chat with {item} is also broken and I'm currently looking for a replacement or even considering coding one myself.

So thats a brief overview of things as they stand now. Stay tuned here for events to be announced soon and the remaining bug fixes will be announced soon too. I'm so glad to have the server up and running and I'm looking forward to playing with you guys again and growing the community even more this season...


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